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New opportunities for growth for Thai businesses in the global market 


globthailand.com is an online portal that provides insightful information and updates on international market opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs in order to empower them to be part of the “Global Business Community” and encourage them to become more competitive for a “Stronger Thailand”.

globthailand.com cultivates the Thai private sector to become “Glocal” by pushing them further to attain “global reach” while maintaining their “local links”.  globthailand.com brings useful information and world trends from the outside inwards so that potential Thai entrepreneurs never miss out on opportunities to grow and expand globally.

The Business Information Centers or BICs operated by the Royal Thai Embassies and Royal Thai Consulates-General around the world serve as a growing network (see the network) of globthailand.com.  BICs feeds in up-to-date trade rules and regulations, international standards, business opportunities, consumer trends, set in the context of  bilateral, regional and multilateral relations with Thailand.  With information from BICs, the Thai private sector will be better informed and equipped for their overseas trade and investment plans.

globthailand.com is a service provided in the Thai language free of charge by the Business Relations Unit within the Division of Economic Information, Department of International Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.  It is a service under the “Foreign Affairs for the People” and an initiative under the “Proactive Economic Diplomacy” policies.



Shaping the business ecosystem that drives Thailand towards greater success on the global stage of the future


Promote, nurture and create new business opportunities worldwide for
the Thai private sector


New opportunities for growth for Thai businesses in the global market


Global Business  Great Thailand

Our Services


Leading outbound business missions for the Thai private sector to gain firsthand experience in targeted markets and network and/or conduct business matching with their potential partners


Organizing inbound foreign missions and seminars to promote trade and investment in potential foreign markets


Providing preliminary local advice for doing business in potential overseas markets, especially for SMEs


Providing on the scene updates and tips on trade and investment opportunities overseas including changes in rules and regulations, standards, upcoming exhibitions and consumer trends to help Thai entrepreneurs better develop their business plans and expand in foreign markets


Before globthailand.com

In July 2013, the Department of International Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand launched a Business Relations Unit together with a website – ThaiBiz.net to connect foreign affairs with local businesses.  At the outset, the Business Relations Unit primarily served as a coordinating office

for the Thai businessmen who were invited to accompany  the Prime Minister of Thailand for official visits to explore new frontiers for business opportunities abroad.


Over time, the Business Relations Unit and the website have evolved to become the Ministry’s interactive channel with the Thai private sector.  It disseminates updates of global market information and business opportunities contributed by over 90 Thai Embassies and Consulates-General worldwide.


In January 2017, ThaiBiz.net is replaced by globthailand.com as a new public service platform, aspiring to provide reliable first-hand local information to further enhance Thai entrepreneurs’ capacity to become more competitive players in the global market.

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